The story of one century
(Hyaku-nen no monogatari)
Production company: TBS (2000)
Director: Unknown
Actors: Matsushima Nanako, Osawa Takao, Kuroki Hitomi, Kanno Miho, Watabe Atsuro, Harada Ryuji, Kitano Takeshi
Duration: 120 minutes per episode (360 minutes total)
Premiere: 2000-08-28
Airdates: August 28th to August 30th, 2000
Notes: When aired on Japanese television, the series had English subtitles.

Story One
A Tempest of Love and Hate 10/28/02 & 11/4/02)
Aya, a college student, is the pampered only daughter of a wealthy landowner. She is attracted to Kota, the son of a tenant farmer, but their love can never be. When Aya discovers that Kota must give up his dream of becoming an artist for financial reasons, Aya goads him into seeking success in Tokyo. Aya's father loses his fortune in a business venture and she is forced into a marriage of convenience. Aya finds herself under the thumb of her mother-in-law Ito, and ignored by her husband Heikichi....

Story Two
When There Is Love (11/11/02 & 11/18/02)
The year is 1949, four years after the end of World War II. Life is slowly returning to normal in Tokyo, which had been the target of air strikes near the end of the war. Aya's daughter Junko is arrested by mistake in a crackdown on prostitutes. She is saved by Kazuo, an American nisei. Kazuo later saves Junko's brother Shinichi when he gets into an altercation with an American soldier who had raped Shinichi's girlfriend a year ago. Meanwhile, Junko's uncle, who has returned from war, drops in for a visit....

Story Two
Only Love (11/25/02 & 12/2/02)
The year is 2000, just months before the turn of the millennium. Junko's granddaughter Chiyo was abandoned by her mother as a child, and her father had died early. Shinji, a former boxer out on parole, has his eye on her. Chiyo gets a call from her long-lost mother, who says she lives in America but would like to come to visit Chiyo. Chiyo is shocked when that very day, Shinji shows her an old picture of a woman who looks just like her, that he says has been in his home for years. A few days later, Chiyo receives a letter from her mother asking her to come to America instead....